Monday, February 18, 2013

It's All About You

I’m in the habit of making lists, and frequently post ones containing my favorite this or my favorite that. But that changes today. Today, the focus of attention is you.

Maybe it’s because the cable TV is on the fritz. Perhaps a boss is in a protracted meeting. It could be simple boredom. But whatever the reason, people just like you distractedly stumble across this blog like unmarked stairs in a strip club.

And sometimes, you even stay.

Music-centric posts enjoy the widest readership, while my rants about unemployment, politics, guns and big business inexplicably fare less well. (Which goes a long way towards explaining why I'm not earning a living contributing to a big city newspaper's Op-Ed page.)

The staff here at The Square Peg deeply appreciates your attentions, and hopes at some point you found a kindred spirit, amusement or even a momentary distraction from yet another office e-mail marked 'urgent'.

That said, here are your ten favorite posts as of the afternoon of February 18, 2013, followed by the date of their posting. Views range from over four-hundred for number-one to just short of a hundred for number-ten.

01. Goodbye, Sir Charlie 9/24/10

02. My Favorite Concerts 1/28/11

03. The File Host as Cop 8/21/12

04. My Favorite CDs of 2010 1/4/11

05. The Bootleg 11/16/10

06. Jimmy Page Made Me A Beer Snob! 10/30/10

07. Oops!...I Did It Again 1/26/12

08. How Tea Baggers Inspired Me to Bridge the Enthusiasm Gap 10/12/10

09. My Favorite CDs of 2012 1/21/13

10. An Appreciation of the X-Files 12/30/11