Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Who Knew: Budget Cuts are Inconvenient!

Oh, you're a sly one, John Koskinen! Pulling the fire alarm and telling millions of American taxpayers their refunds could be delayed because of budget cuts was a brilliant and inspired move.

You sure know how to hit 'em where they live, Mr. IRS Commissioner.

But despite the standing O I gave you during last night's network news, I feel compelled to uncap the dreaded red felt-tip pen for just a minute.

You neglected to credit Republicans and their relentless pursuit of the small government ideal. You know, the one that stripped your agency of funding.

The wealthy can be made still-wealthier. The powerful still more-powerful. If only big government wasn't sucking up their money to, you know, protect and expedite their tax returns.

As one who believes strongly in giving credit where it's due, it's only fair.

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