Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Slick Move, Johnny Football!

I gotta hand it to you, Johnny. You're sly like a fox, aren't you?

You played the dumb-ass ADHD concussion-addled party boy to perfection. And now you don't have to play for the Cleveland Browns no more.

Bonus points for putting the onus of your departure on your boss, and shedding it like you once did defenders at Texas A&M.

And speaking of Texas, where are you headed for next?

Were I a gambling man, I'd wager you have your sights locked on the Dallas Cowboys and their thirty-five year-old quarterback, Tony Romo, he of the brittle and underachieving collarbones.

Yeah, you and Jerry Jones would make a helluva pair. He never met a high profile athlete (never mind the reason) he didn't offer a contract to, and you'd get to return to your adoring fans in Texas. 

That's some kind of win-win, huh?

Granted, I might have this all wrong. But this feels as accidental as sunrise.

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