Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finding the Silver Lining

For those of you too dim to suss it out on your own, what follows is parody. Satire. Adopting the voice of people you despise and making fun of them and their perceptions. If you are in doubt, click any of the tags beneath this post for proof of how I really feel. 

C'mon guys.

So 50 faggots are dead. Is that really a big deal? They probably would have died of AIDS, anyway. You're missing the big picture here.

And the big picture is this: Omar Mateen was able to go into a gun shop, buy an assault weapon and use it wherever and however he deemed appropriate.

In other words, in contrast to all those dead gay boys and the horror and grief suffered by their survivors and the cost of the law enforcement response and treating the dozens of dead and wounded, the Second Amendment is alive and well.

We still have the right to keep and bear arms in case we need to organize a militia, even though we already have an extravagantly well-funded one.

Is that a win-win or what?

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