Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Play with Matches

Have you ever donated money to the Susan G. Komen foundation? You know, that pink non-profit devoted to finding a cure for breast cancer? Did you know they employ Hadassah Lieberman and pay her upwards of 300K per annum to be something called a global ambassador?

I find this very interesting. Because I’m a non-profit organization too, but I don’t have 300K to give anyone.

But that’s not all. You see, Hadassah happens to be the wife of Joe Lieberman. Yeah, that Joe Lieberman. The preening peacock of a U.S. senator who’s decided he’s more important than health care reform and the well-being of the 330 million citizens of the U.S. not named Joe Lieberman.

In ways that aren’t quite clear to me, his one vote is somehow worth more than the vote each of his 99 fellow senators possess.

Maybe Joe is playing some imaginary form of congressional basketball, and he’s standing behind a three-point line that only he can see. That’s why his vote is worth more than anyone else’s! It’s a three-point vote!

OK. Got it.

If it isn’t bad-enough that Democrats are only spineless appeasers, it definitely is that a non-profit organization like the Susan G. Komen foundation has 300K to stuff into Hadassah Lieberman’s purse. She profits very handsomely by people being sick, doesn’t she?

As does hubby Joe. Where would his campaign financing be if not for his rigorous protection of America’s health care profiteers? Ol' Joe doesn't think it pays to make people better—but thanks for asking.

What’s that about this land is our land? This land was made for you and me? Would that be ‘our’ as in participatory democracy? That ‘us’ word? Because I’ve got four eyes, and I don’t see any democracy. All I see is an auction.

If the smell is getting to you, you can start deodorizing at There, you can fire-off a note to the Susan G. Komen foundation, requesting that Hadassah Lieberman um, step down. Or be fired.

Either works.

True, obstructionist Republicants, spineless, fake Democrats and the odd fleck of fecal matter will still populate the U.S. senate. But it’s a start.

Play with matches. You never know, it could start a fire.

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