Monday, April 13, 2015

Looking for the Next Best Thing

So it begins again. Hillary Clinton has announced another run for president. I wish her well. 

I admire her persistence. Knowing the torrent of abuse she will face not only from her opponent, but from the party backing him leads me to question if not her sanity, the forces driving her to attempt this.

After her husband's participation in the wholesale transfer of our nation's economy to the venal ghouls of Wall Street and the putrid souls manning our corporate banks, I can't quite call myself a fan.

But when the alternatives are named Bush, Cruz, Huckabee, Paul and Rubio, I don't have to be. Anyone for nominating the Warren Zevon number mentioned above as the campaign's official song?

She is saying and doing all the right things; making an effort to touch base with what remains of the middle class and ditching the approach that assumed the nomination was hers in 2008.

But without a viable Democratic challenger, you wonder how long she will feel the need to pay lip service to these things.

Still, it would be awfully fun to rub Republican noses in it and watch them struggle with the twin realities of A.) a female president and B.) one named Hillary Clinton.

Their expressions of contempt for Obama would be rendered mere dress rehearsals next to the howling derision they hold for anything named Clinton.

Here's hoping a multitude of GOP strokes and coronary episodes are the happy result.

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