Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Hard Left to the Middle of the Road

It's always a big deal when you find yourself cheering Wal-Mart and Apple, and discover that NASCAR is capable of representing something other than mindless flag-wavers and corporate sponsors.

How uplifting it is to see some of the most-powerful entities in America strike a blow for humanity in the face of odious and toxic legislation.

Yes, the conservative Christian wet dream of government-sanctioned discrimination for anyone who doesn't look and act exactly like them was waylaid by entities traditionally better at exploiting humanity than enabling it.

But how is it that conservative Christians, supposedly immersed in tolerance and love, can't show either? How is it that this seething and petulant minority obtains the political wherewithal to enact such legislation?

I wonder what it says about our government and our elected representation when big business is required to step in and do the right thing. 

Methinks we are in a very bad way.

Let me say that posts to the contrary, I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I am not PC. I'll even admit to suffering occasionally from gay fatigue. On planet La Piazza Gancio, there are several more-pressing issues tearing at the fabric of civilization than whether gays can legally cohabitate.

But hate-based legislation masquerading as religious freedom? That's a big no-no. A great big, ginormous ugh-ugh.

I want the put-upon Christian conservatives of Indiana and Arkansas to experience a real lack of religious freedom. I'd like them to go to Kenya and announce their religious preferences to al-Shabob.

That is a lack of religious freedom. 

Being denied the ability to effectively spit on gays and lesbians is not.

Ignorance is real estate with plenty of room for knowledge. I have the number of a builder if you're interested.

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