Thursday, June 18, 2015


While many are already mourning the apparent tragedy in South Carolina, I am buying party favors and inflating balloons.

This isn't the senseless massacre of innocent people convention would have us believe. No, this is a party. A shindig. A soiree. 

It is a second amendment celebration. Woo-hoo!

That portion of our citizenry who have dedicated themselves to the creation of a robust gun culture have succeeded, and succeeded wildly. Brilliantly. And awesomely.

We now enjoy a nation awash in guns. A nation conditioned to believe that guns are the great equalizer. That guns are our great protector. That we can cure all that is wrong with a gun.

So yes, I raise a glass and toast yesterday's second amendment celebration in South Carolina. And to the thousands of other second amendment celebrations that have taken place in this great and wonderful country of ours. 

Let us weep with joy. Let us rejoice in the triumph of easy violence over hard peace. Of wild-eyed, craven fear and rage over clear-eyed thought and consideration. Of inhumanity over humanity. 

Give people guns and they'll use them. Who knew? 

Let us never, ever forget that by virtue of our silence, and in the absence of strident and unswerving opposition, this is what we get. 

Is it really what we want? 

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